Sunday, 25 January 2015

MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette

MAC Eye Shadow x15 Warm Neutral Palette Review, and swatches.

Hey everybody so this is my first blog post and 
I have recently purchased one of MAC cosmetics 15 pan eye shadow palettes in warm neutral. This is a pre-filled 15 slot eye shadow palette which is made up of a mix of warm toned shades.
MAC cosmetics also sell this 15 pan eye shadow palette in Cooler toned neutrals.

The warm neutral collection of 15 eye shadows is made up of limited edition, some permanent,that are designed to flatter warmer skin tones and are perfectly designed to complement green and blue eyes.
This warm neutral palette is retailed at £65 (UK Price). As this is a MAC palette i would be wrong to say this is not well priced. The reason I think this is because if you think about the price of building your own 15 pan eye shadow palette you are saving a lot of money.

UK price Mac Palette- £14.00
Insert – £6.50
Mac eye shadow pan – £10.00

Just by looking at this In my opinion,£65 for a 15 pan MAC eye shadow palette is a bargain ! . The price of this palette is defiantly something to consider if you are planning to start your own palette as I would advise you to think of the cost. And to check out MAC ready made pallets before creating your own
Below are the names of the shades included in this palette .

Top Row-
From the left to the right in order
Hey , Warm Breeze , Ginger Snap , Dark Brew and Dance in the dark .

Middle row - Brule , Vanilla Extract , Honey Lust, Amber Lights , and Saddle .
Bottom row -Lemon tart , Creative Copper , Butter Fudge, Devine Decadeke and Unwind.
I hope you all found this review useful and thank you for reading,love Aimee xo