Saturday, 17 October 2015

Lashes By Samantha/Sam Faires Eyelash Collection- If Looks Could Kill

She was the original girl of TOWIE and now has taken the beauty and fragrance industry by storm. ‘Lashes by Samantha’ is Sams second product to be launched bringing something new to the Faux Lashes industry. Sam has worked really hard to produce three different style lashes for every occasion whether you love your lashes or are just starting out i can assure you that these lashes are for you.

I came across Sams collection a while back,but have always been apprehensive about purchasing any false lashes after having some bad experiences with getting them to stick. With my 18th birthday coming up and a glamorous night planned lashes where a must have. After hearing many positive reviews and with Sam being a style icon of mine i decided to purchase them.

I purchased my lashes from ‘River Island for £5.00’. I decided to purchase ‘If Looks Could Kill’ a gorgeously thick medium blend lash, full of character. one of three styles from the collection.
These dangerously gorgeous lashes are designed to thicken and volumise the wearers’ lashes with stylish ease, to create a seductively chic killer lash look.
Once I had applied all of my makeup,I then began to apply my Lashes.
The Application was as simple as the box described,I removed the Lashes from the packaging and applied the Latex Free Glue. After letting the Glue become tacky for 10-20 seconds I placed the lash onto my lash line. The Lashes where instantly dry and the Glue stuck beautifully. If you take care during adhesive application and removal, these lashes can be reusable. They are also designed to with stand gentle trimming to fit the lash line.

Overall These extremely popular lashes are flexible enough to wear day or night with ease and comfort. I would Defiantly recommend these Lashes to Anyone as they are the best Faux Lashes I have ever used and I can guarantee you will not be disappointed. I will defiantly be purchasing the rest of the collection. 

Thankyou for reading,I hope you found this useful. 
Love Aimeex